10 reasons to choose a guided tour to Compostela

Have you decided to undertake the Camino de Santiago? Congratulations, we assure you that it will be an unforgettable experience in your life!

Have you already thought about how to organize it? This is perhaps the second most complicated decision to make. Some people think about doing it on their own, planning the dates, routes and accommodation themselves, while others choose to sign up for a guided tour. This model is increasingly in demand as for many, due to their physical condition or state of mind, it is difficult to complete the Compostela goal without help. In addition, enjoying a guided tour has other advantages, including making the most of the experience, participating in group activities and avoiding last minute surprises.

In today’s article we will give you ten reasons why you should start your pilgrimage with a guided tour:

1) Forgetting to organize the route: if you do not know very well the geography, layouts of the Camino and localities to be visited, organizing the route can be difficult. It requires gathering information that is not always up to date. Given the peculiarities of our topography and weather conditions that do not always play in our favor, we can get lost or walk more than necessary if we do not have the help of a guide.

2) Make the best use of your time: let experts select an itinerary of cities, historical sites and places to visit. Don’t regret tomorrow that you overlooked this or that place out of ignorance! Enjoy your experience to the fullest!

3) Appreciate what we see: sometimes the value of the things and places we visit goes unnoticed by us because we are unaware of their history or are unable to judge their artistic value. Not all the sites and monuments that pilgrims visit have a guide. Those who enjoy a guided tour have the possibility of enriching the experience by learning about these cultural aspects as well.

4) Have help: during the tour you can have any personal need: check the status of the route, make phone calls, etc.. Traveling on your own you will have to solve these problems yourself, while if you hire a guided tour you will have the help of a companion, guide, support vehicles and direct contact with the agency itself. Have you ever thought about the great effort involved in carrying all your luggage, backpack and personal belongings for 100 km? It is a challenge that not everyone can take on, especially those who are no longer young or who have health problems. At Pambretours we do the heavy lifting for you so that the only effort you make is walking.

5) Reduce risks: if you do not have accident or travel insurance, in case of any mishap, you will have to take care of it personally. We include Accident and Travel Insurance in all our packages so that in case of any related problem you can be sure that you are covered.

6) You don’t have to book on your own: planning a long trip can take time. We must book in advance the accommodations where we are going to stay overnight, hotels, pensions or rural tourism houses, with the drawback that there will not always be places or the site will not suit our needs. Pambretours offers you in all its Caminos modalities, accommodation in magnificent restored manor houses and/or 3 or 4 star hotels.

7) Meet like-minded people: you can organize your trip in the company of family or friends, or join a group of pilgrims who, like you, have decided to hire a guided tour. Despite coming from different places, the Camino tends to unite bonds between pilgrims who often return from their trip with great memories and great friendships.

8) Rest: this is a very important point to take into account. After walking for several hours, logically, we feel tired and our body is grateful for rest. In many hostels and inns for pilgrims we have to share a room with several travelers with the inconveniences that this entails: noise, lack of sleep, sharing toilets and showers… We really enjoy the Camino experience much more when we do not skimp on what we need to recover after each day.

9) Closed budget: if we organize the trip on our own we never really know how much we are going to spend on accommodation, meals, hire shows, visits to museums or rent a car in case we need it. A guided tour covers all these needs so that we do not have unforeseen expenses.

10) Flexibility: in PambreTours we offer you the possibility of hiring a semi-independent or even private tour in which you can select the dates, design your own program and adapt it to your needs. Contact us and get information without obligation!

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