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Luis Manuel Fernández M., who is one of our founders, is known as ‘Curro’ by his family and friends. He made his first Camino in September 2000 while living in Venezuela. He repeated it over and over again in subsequent years. During his pilgrimage, he was greatly influenced and helped on a personal level. He decided to change his life and move to Lugo (in Galicia, his native land), creating with his partner Andrés Ignacio Vera L. his company: “Pambretours.com”. Their personalized tours on the Camino de Santiago offer a great experience, with routes and multiple formats for doing so.

The Way marked the beginning and the end of our lives. We aim to share the virtues of this wonderful pilgrimage through Pambretours.com to make it as cathartic for others as it was for us.

Luis Manuel Fernández, líder del equipo de Pambretours.com
Organize the Camino de Santiago with Pambre Tours.
Wait no longer and anticipate your experience. Pilgrims from Ultreia, meet at the Camino! Our team and our spirit!

The team and our philosophy

Pambreturs.com’s greatest desire is to be able to offer all its customers the opportunity to go on an inner journey. It demonstrates that with openness and willingness, we can achieve many changes in our lives. Or just enjoy a marvelous and different journey.

Sobre Pambretours.com

Philosophy and vision

Pambretours.com is a family business run by its two partners, Andrés and Curro, accompanied by their children. We are the official travel agency. LICENSE: XG 662 established in LUGO (GALICIA) SPAIN. Dedicated exclusively to the CAMINO DE SANTIAGO and its variants. We become authentic specialists. Our true passion is to explore the Way, and we put in all our effort and affection to share its secrets with our pilgrims.

We are not a typical travel agency that sends travelers into the unknown.

Pambretours.com is solely focused on the Camino de Santiago in its various forms. More importantly, we have complete knowledge of the accommodations and restaurants we recommend. With our groups, you always travel with some of our partners who coordinate and attend them in a personalized way.

We specialize in guided tours and/or organizing visits for private family groups, friends, businesses, schools and/or associations. We adapt to the needs that each group feels necessary to meet its expectations.

The journey along the Camino de Santiago

To recognize the transcendental value of the Way in the formation of a new Europe, this millenary route has been recognized by the European Parliament as the First European Cultural Itinerary. In 1993, Santiago was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco. The Camino offers a sense of camaraderie with pilgrims from all over the world. The hospitality of the Galicians will make you fall in love with them, as they will always wish you a lucky trip to Compostela with their special reserve and sympathy. Leave your arrangements for the Camino in Santiago in our hands: the best accommodation and restaurants, the most emblematic monuments and the most spectacular scenery.

What we will do is to help you discover the true meaning of this ancient pilgrimage in a genuine land of magic you won’t forget.

Camino de Santiago de Compostela
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Our goal? To create experiences that will always remain in the memory of every pilgrim…

The Camino de Santiago's Agency

Pambre Tours can help you organize your trip to the Camino de Santiago

Leave everything you need on your Camino a Santiago in our hands: the best accommodations and restaurants, the most emblematic monuments and the most spectacular landscapes.

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