Advice for older people who want to do the Camino de Santiago

The guides and brochures on the Camino de Santiago usually contain advice and information on a wide variety of topics such as what is the best time of year to do the Camino, what equipment to take or even practical ideas for making the journey on horseback or bicycle. However, there is very little useful information for older people whose dream is to achieve this goal.

Although it is not necessary to be an experienced hiker to do the Camino de Santiago, it is advisable to be in good physical condition before starting it. If you lead a sedentary life and you are not used to walking, we recommend you to prepare yourself some weeks before, doing short walks and aerobic exercises oriented to strengthen your muscles and improve your lung capacity.

Another suggestion we will give you is to have a support vehicle (service that we include in all our tours) and the help of an experienced guide who will organize the stages according to the possibilities of each person, as well as the visits to monuments, museums and tourist attractions. You will make much better use of your time this way, forgetting about having to plan the itinerary or looking for accommodation.

Actually, the option of pilgrim hostels is not the most advisable in the case of the elderly. They tend to be very crowded at certain times of the year. Rest is very important to be in good shape during the pilgrimage stages and staying in hotel establishments gives us the possibility to rest better or even to make a stop along the way to take advantage of the day visiting monuments.

What type of tour should I choose?

It is advisable to plan an itinerary with short distances. The daily average for people who walk the Camino is between 20 and 35 km/day. But for older pilgrims or people with reduced mobility it is recommended to divide the route into more stages, thus reducing the number of kilometers walked per day.

In Pambre Tours we recommend you to opt for the “Camino Tranquilo” modality, one of our most complete and interesting tours. It is specially designed for older people or those who have difficulty walking long distances. We will cover a total of 108 km. over 8 days, walking an average of 13.5 km/day. Each stage lasts a total of 4 or 5 hours walking in the mornings, while the afternoons are dedicated to visit places of tourist interest, to enjoy a moment of relaxation in the spa or to taste the typical products of the Galician gastronomy.

We know that in practice doing the Camino de Santiago does not imply the same effort for everyone. Therefore, we aim to eliminate obstacles, improve your experience and above all clear your doubts. Do you want more information about our tour modality “Camino Tranquilo”? Contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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