Advice for pilgrims: Manual of good practices if you do the Camino de Santiago

A few months ago the general director of Cultural Heritage, Adolfo Rodríguez Asensio, announced that the autonomous communities of Spain that have promoted the candidacy of the Pilgrims’ Roads to Santiago of the North Peninsular to World Heritage, will elaborate a Manual of Good Practices for pilgrims following the recommendations of UNESCO.

This manual would mainly affect urban planning issues and the heritage assets of the Camino.


Until it sees the light, we will rely on the Manual published by the Government of Navarra in 2010 in Spanish, Basque, English, French and German (you can download it here). It features two comic characters: Vieiro & Petrus who give us the following tips to be good pilgrims:

  • Respect the signposting: you will avoid getting lost or causing accidents.
  • Take care of fountains, rivers and water resources: do not pour waste, soaps, detergents or oils from tin cans into them.
  • Noise is a form of pollution: other pilgrims may feel fatigued and need some rest.
  • Respect the route of the Camino and private property: creating shortcuts deteriorates the environment.
  • Do not leave your waste on the Camino: food containers, papers, towels or tissues used for personal hygiene. They should be stored and deposited in a container.
  • Be careful with fire: do not light bonfires and, if you smoke, do not throw cigarette butts in the field.
  • Close gates, fences and doors: if you walk with your pet, make sure that it does not disturb other users.
  • A photograph, the best souvenir: flowers, plants, animals and stones can have great ecological value and be protected.
  • Do not throw garbage in the natural environment: keep cans, bottles, wrappers, etc. and deposit them in the containers that you will find along the Camino.
  • Make yourself seen: on the road we must always walk on our left. If walking at night, wear bright or reflective clothing.

Many of these tips are well known to hikers, would you add any more?

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