An afternoon in Santiago de Compostela, where to have a hot chocolate?

Santiago de Compostela is a city with a great tourist attraction. In its streets we will discover many buildings and monuments of historical value that are worth visiting. And after our tour, if we are tired, it is always a good plan to enjoy a hot chocolate in the company of other pilgrims.

Many of the chocolate shops that we will find on our way through the city have a special charm. This is the case, for example, of Metate, located on Rúa de San Paio de Antealtares, a classic in the old part of Santiago. It used to be a chocolate factory (it still preserves part of the cocoa processing machines) and today it is one of the most emblematic coffee/chocolate shops in the city. A few years ago the premises were enlarged with a new entrance in the area of o Preguntoiro. But it retains, in essence, many of the features for which it was recognized in the past and, above all, has a wide variety of delicious chocolates.


Another very popular cafeteria in Santiago de Compostela is Iacobus at Rúa da Caldeireria 42. In addition to a tasty chocolate we can enjoy here a rich coffee, ice cream and a good variety of tapas.


The cafés-tertulia had a prominent place in the cultural life of Santiago de Compostela. The traditional Derby café, located in the Plaza de Galicia, opened its doors in 1929 and served as a meeting place for important figures such as Valle-Inclán, Rafael Dieste and Carlos Casares. The lamps with countless crystals, the wooden tables and the waiters dressed in black vests and shirts make you think that time does not pass there.


Of more recent creation is the franchise cafeteria of the famous brand of Valor chocolates. It opened in 2012 and is located near the Plaza de Cervantes. If you also love the brand’s chocolates, in this place you can enjoy all its varieties.

And finally, if you are a lover of traditional pastries, you can not miss the family bakery Mercedes Mora (today continued by her daughters). They have all kinds of cakes, artisan pastries and of course rich coffee and chocolates to start the day. In addition, its privileged location in the Rúa de Villar, in the heart of the old town, makes it a perfect place where pilgrims and visitors interested in knowing the historical part of Santiago go to have breakfast.


Of course, there are other cozy places to spend an unforgettable afternoon in Santiago, but as always we encourage you to discover the experience for yourself. Just contact us and we will inform you of all the different types of tours we offer to live your own Camino.

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