Camino de Santiago as a couple: an exciting experience together!

Valentine’s Day is approaching and on these special dates many of us plan to spend time with our partner and perhaps take a trip together. Have you ever thought about doing the Camino de Santiago?

No matter if it is a new relationship or a marriage of years, living the experience of the Camino in the company of your better half will be unforgettable!

Some reasons to do the Camino de Santiago as a couple

If you have come this far, you are probably interested in doing the Camino de Santiago with your partner and you are looking for information on the subject. But if you are still not sure, we will give you some reasons to start walking this route of love together.

Overcoming limits

The Camino de Santiago has a special magic to unite people. It tests us in difficult situations we are not used to and it is a good opportunity to get to know each other better, overcome obstacles or discover our strength in the face of real life circumstances.

Having support

We all need support at times of physical or emotional exhaustion, and who better than our partner to give us encouragement? Although strong bonds of friendship are created between pilgrims on the Camino, there is nothing better than having a trusted person by our side to share secrets and concerns.

Living romantic moments

The Camino de Santiago is not just another getaway. Stage after stage, you will cross bridges, contemplate sunsets together, ancient abbeys, Atlantic forests and green meadows. These are places full of magic that for centuries have been home to legends of all kinds. It is not difficult to disconnect from everything and forget our routines to give way to emotions.

Arriving together at the Plaza del Obradoiro, joy overcomes fatigue. It is one of those unforgettable memories that undoubtedly makes it worthwhile to do the Camino de Santiago as a couple.

How to plan it?

If you already have more or less decided, don’t think twice and start planning your adventure! These tips that we will give you will make the experience of pilgrimage together a success.

What are your motivations?

There are many reasons to do the Camino de Santiago: religious, cultural, self-improvement? It awakens in each of us a different dream and it is not necessary to agree with our partner on what encourages us to take the step; but sharing points of view is always something enriching and that could even open in our minds new perspectives that we did not consider so far.

Plan the details together

Keep in mind your partner’s opinion when choosing the type of tour you two like the most (French Way, Portuguese Way, Primitive Way, Northern Way…) as well as the dates you both have free. Remember it is better to organise beforehand in order to obtain detailed information.

Adapt your pace to your partner’s conditions

Even though many couples share sports-oriented interests and hobbies such as hiking, it isn’t always like that and sometimes one of the two isn’t as in shape as the other. In this case, it’s best to decrease your walking pace so as to adapt to the capabilities of the weaker person, who, in the end, needs to make a greater effort.

Ask for advise

If this is your first time as pilgrims and you don’t agree when picking a route, accommodations or the type of experience you want to live, a good idea is to ask an agency especialized in the Camino de Santiago for advise so that they inform you about the tour mode that suits your expectations best and the services that you can hire.

Enjoy the journey

Adventure and comfort aren’t mutually exclusive. Doing the Camino de Santiago as a couple with Pambre Tours has many advantages: you avoid the unexpected, you don’t have to handle your luggage inbetween stages or rest in hotels or rural houses. This last part is especially important when travelling as a couple, since you will want a bit of privacy and comfort, which are difficult to have when going to a public hostel.

Memories of the Way

The Camino de Santiago makes for unforgettable memories. Lots of pilgrims mention feeling emotional and sad when arriving to the Cathedral and completing the last steps of their journey. There’s no doubt you will want to keep photos of this and other beatiful moments, or maybe to buy a typical souvenir of the Way in one of the stores next to Obradoiro Square.

Do you want to do the Camino de Santiago as a couple and are looking for a surprise or special gift for your loved one? Contact us and we will share with you some ideas that will make your experience better.

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