Camino de Santiago in 2020. Make your dream come true with Pambre Tours!

A new year begins full of hope and illusion. For many to do the Camino de Santiago is a thorn in their side, a desire or goal that they never manage to achieve. Sometimes we lack time, sometimes determination… But one thing is certain: The Camino is always there waiting for us!

For this reason and because there are always opportunities, this 2020 we want to help you fulfill your dream by walking together the Camino de Santiago, one of the most magical and ancient pilgrimages in Europe. Do you dare to live this experience?

Why do the Camino de Santiago in 2020 with Pambre Tours?

There are many reasons to do the Camino de Santiago in 2020. Throughout many years of work, we have accompanied hundreds of pilgrims who have told us their impressions about the Camino and their experiences. Many of them even decide to return to renew their spirit and relive the sensations they experienced in their day, when they loaded their backpack and started walking.

A vital experience

The Camino de Santiago is not only a religious pilgrimage. It is a challenge that requires us to make a physical and mental effort, to overcome both external obstacles and those that live within us.

For this reason, many pilgrims who have already fulfilled their dream with Pambre Tours, comment that doing the Camino de Santiago has helped them to reconcile with themselves, to gain security and confidence in their achievements or to go through difficult moments in life.

This is not to say that the route has lost its religious background. For people with a strong Christian faith, visiting the tomb of St. James the Apostle is the main reason for making the journey. But there are many types of pilgrims with different concerns and motivations: nature lovers, adventure and sports fanatics or those seeking a unique cultural experience.

The Camino de Santiago opens its doors to every one of us and welcomes any pilgrim who is willing to surpass its limits and enjoy this enriching experience with enthusiasm.

The Camino to suit you

tours a medida

Doing the Camino de Santiago in 2020 is more feasible than in the past. The current roads are more passable, we find better signage and better communications. We can even download mobile applications on our cell phones to guide us when we walk alone or in small groups.

One of the goals we have set ourselves in Pambre Tours this 2020 is to expand our offer of tours and thus offer an even more personalized experience according to your expectations. In addition to private tours (with free choice of dates, routes and services), we include in our services the main routes of the Camino de Santiago: Camino Francés (from Sarria or from O Cebreiro), Camino Portugués (from Tui, Oporto or Ponte de Lima in Lisbon), Camino Primitivo, Camino Inglés (from Ferrol) or Camino del Norte.

In addition, you have the possibility of doing the Camino de Santiago on foot or by bicycle, you decide the time of year, the distance you travel and the means of transport you will use to get around!

The Camino de Santiago opens its doors to each of us and welcomes any pilgrim willing to overcome their limits and enjoy this enriching experience with enthusiasm.

Reclaiming time with your loved ones

Doing the Camino de Santiago in 2020 accompanied by your family or close friends, is one of the most beautiful experiences you can remember in your life.

Making up for lost time, strengthening ties, sharing what we have… The Camino teaches us to be more sincere, generous and supportive!

However, if you don’t find a travel companion, walking the Camino de Santiago alone can also be a very satisfying experience. There are thousands of pilgrims who walk this route alone every year and say it is one of the best ideas they have ever had. For all those people who want to walk on their own, we created our independent tour modalities in which we offer you the services of accommodation, assistance on route, luggage transfer, itinerary planning and travel insurance. Feel safe and comfortable during the whole journey hiring our services.

Getting “la Compostela”

certificado la compostela

It is a certificate that proves to have covered at least 100 km of the route on foot (200 if done by bicycle). To obtain it is necessary to accumulate a certain amount of stamps in each stage of the Camino. Then we have to present this pilgrim’s credential duly stamped at the Pilgrim’s Office upon our arrival in Compostela.

“La Compostela” has a great symbolic value for Catholic pilgrims as it means spending half the time in purgatory. For other pilgrims it is a precious souvenir of their adventure that they will undoubtedly want to keep.

In Pambre Tours we take care of all the necessary steps to obtain the “la Compostela” certificate upon your arrival in Santiago.

Flexible payment

Worried about not having enough budget to do the Camino de Santiago in 2020?

We won’t fool you when we say that doing the Camino de santiago can be very economical, we have a tour of 190€. But if we want to plan it well, feel safe and enjoy the experience to the fullest, it will be necessary to invest a little money, just as we would do with any kind of trip.

Think about the fact that, if you make the physical and emotional effort to fulfill your dream, you also expect to live a pleasant experience that you would come back to repeat.

Visiting museums and historical monuments, enjoying the rich gastronomy of Galicia and resting in first class accommodations (hotels or rural houses), are the most outstanding advantages of planning the Camino with Pambre Tours.

Generally the price varies a lot depending on the type of tour we choose, the dates, distance to complete, if it is guided or independent… You can always look at the option that best fits your budget or split the payment in easy installments, an option that we provide to help you meet your goal.

Will 2020 be the year you become a pilgrim? Would you like to make this dream come true once and for all?

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