Discover the wine routes in Galicia

One of the most exciting ways to discover Galicia is through wine tourism or wine routes.

Wine is culture, art and part of an ancient tradition. Strolling among vineyards and visiting the wineries of our land you will learn first hand how the first settlers of the region lived before the arrival of the Romans, in fortified cities known as “castros”. You will discover the mysteries that enclose the walls of the monasteries, and you can visit some of our most charming towns, from the interior to the coast, admiring the beauty of its hidden landscapes.

Of course, another attraction of this tour is to enjoy the most exquisite delicacies of Galicia. For wine lovers, our land has up to twenty varieties of native grapes that have given rise to some of the best wines in the world. But it also has a wide and varied gastronomic offer: from seafood and fish to meats, bread, cheese and traditional desserts.

Discover the taste of Galicia!

Wine routes in Galicia

As we told you some time ago, there are five denominations of origin recognized today in Galicia. Based on them, the so-called “wine routes” are delimited.

Rías Baixas Route

It covers from the mouth of the Miño river to the south of the province of La Coruña. It is one of the territories of Galicia with the greatest wine tradition.

It has five production areas: O Rosal, Condado de Tea, Val do Salnés, Soutomaior and Ribeira do Ulla.

The wines of the Rías Baixas are characterized by being made with native grapes, mainly white. The most important variety is Albariño, which accounts for 95% of its production. It is a yellow wine with golden hues and a fruity and floral aroma.

You may already know part of the winemaking tradition of this region (Cambados has been awarded this 2017 as “European City of Wine” by the European association RECEVÍN).

But, in addition to tasting its exquisite wines, doing this route has other attractions, including discovering its landscapes and its rich historical legacy. We can visit the monastery of Armenteira, the Romanesque chapel of Nuestra Señora de la Lanzada, the viewpoints of Monte Lobeira and Monte Siradella or, perhaps, admire the beautiful views from Monte Santa Tegra and the military buildings.

Ribeiro Wine Route

Located in the western part of the province of Orense, at the confluence of the valleys formed by the rivers Miño, Avia, Arnoia and Barbantiño. Its vineyards extend from 75 to 400 meters above sea level, over valleys and steep slopes.

The Ribeiro appellation of origin is the oldest in Galicia and has been protected by the Wine Statute since 1932.

Ribeiro wines have a unique personality, the result of centuries of tradition and the blending of different grape varieties (Torrontés, Loureira, Godello, Albariño and Treixadura). Ribeiro white wine is considered one of the best in the world. It represents more or less 15% of its production but is one of the most valued. Another variety is the toasted wine, naturally sweet and made with the must from the best raisined grapes. Its elaboration is scarce and laborious, making it a true oenological jewel.

Apart from its wineries, during the Ribeiro wine route we can see pazos, churches, Roman bridges and hundreds of hórreos (raised granaries). We recommend visiting the pre-Romanesque church of San Xes de Francelos, the historic monastery of San Clodio and the picturesque village of Pazos de Arenteiro.

Monterrei wine route

It is located towards the southeast of the province of Orense, on the border with Portugal. Its vineyards are located in two areas perfectly delimited by the orography: the valley of Monterrei and the slope of Monterrei.

It is a land rich in contrasts, marked by its proximity to our neighboring country and its fertile mountain lands where rivers flow through the valley, leaving behind beautiful natural waterfalls.

The wines from these lands are mainly white, fresh and fruity. Among them stand out the young wines of great aromatic liveliness.

If you take the Monterrei wine route, in addition to visiting the wineries, we recommend that you take advantage of your trip to see the Church of San Salvador de Vilaza and its 12th century bell tower, the pre-Romanesque church of Mixós or the forts of San Millao and Saceda.

Ribeira Sacra wine route

It extends between the provinces of Lugo and Orense, along the Sil river.

It covers five production areas: Amandi, Chantada, Quiroga-Bibei, Ribeiras do Miño and Ribeiras do Sil.

It is a very extensive territory that stands out for its scenic beauty and its rich monumental heritage. Besides contemplating the canyons of the Sil and its viewpoints, we recommend you to visit some of its many monasteries such as Santo Estevo, converted into a Parador de Turismo, San Pedro de Rochas (one of the oldest in Galicia) or the Romanesque mosteiro of Santa Cristina de Ribas de Sil.

Another place of interest is the medieval town of Monforte de Lemos and its “Centro do Viño”.

In the wineries that make up this route we can taste their wines, both white and red, all of them bright, intense but balanced. It is undoubtedly a unique opportunity to get to know Galicia in all its diversity, through its landscape, its people and its wines.

Valdeorras Wine Route

It is located in the south-western part of the province of Orense, in a deep valley through which the river Sil flows. It is crossed by the historic Via XIII or Via Nueva.

The Romans planted the first vines in the region and built wine presses. This gave rise to a secular tradition and culture that continued with the discovery of the tomb of the Apostle Santiago and the beginning of the pilgrimages.

The “Valdeorras” D.O. was recognized by Ministerial Order in 1945. Its wines are among the best young wines of Spain and have international prestige. The whites are intense in fruity and floral aromas while the reds stand out for their purple color and their fruity and intense flavor.

The Valdeorras wine route also offers a rich historical and cultural heritage to discover. We recommend you to visit for example the baroque Sanctuary das Ermidas and the Roman bridge over the river Bibei.

If you are a wine lover and would like to live a different experience, contact us and we will inform you about all the modalities and conditions of our wine tours.

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