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Without a doubt, walking the Camino de Santiago is an unforgettable experience at any time of the year, but one of the best times to visit the city of Compostela and soak up its culture and tradition is during the Feast of the Apostle.

As some of you already know, the day of St. James the Apostle is July 25th (although the festivities begin ten days earlier). Santiago Apostle is the patron saint of Spain and Galicia, so this festivity is official for many Autonomous Communities of Spain (even in some places outside our country).

During these days the city of Santiago de Compostela is filled with music, dance, theater and street performances typical of the folklore of Galician culture. It is worth seeing it for yourself!

For this reason, in Pambretours we want to make your dream of pilgrimage to Santiago come true on such special dates and we offer you a very complete tour, in which in addition to our usual services, you will enjoy the best located accommodations so that on July 24 and 25 you do not miss any of the shows that the city offers.

How do you experience the Apostle’s Festivities in Compostela?

The Festivities of the Apostle begin in the second half of July with a full program of activities: music concerts, theatrical performances, street shows and art exhibitions.

At twelve o’clock in the morning on the 24th, the bells of the Cathedral announce what will happen that night. The festivities reach their peak during the well-known “Fuegos del Apóstol” (Apostle’s Fireworks). An impressive fireworks display fills the Obradoiro façade with light, transporting the spectator to a magical world. The square fills with people and the Cathedral seems to come to life. Regional dances, concerts and open-air dances fill every corner of the city.

The next day the Holy Mass is celebrated in the Cathedral of Santiago with the traditional offering to the Apostle in which a member of the Royal Family participates. It is one of the few moments of the year when you can contemplate the mythical Botafumeiro, a gigantic incense burner that runs at full speed through the lower transept of the temple, perfuming the whole Cathedral with incense.

Santiago de Compostela is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and being able to visit it during these special dates is even more exciting, a unique experience!

Our special tour for the Feast of the Apostle has limited places. You can book your tour now from our online store or contact us for more information about our services.

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