Galician Empanadas: a gastronomic tradition linked to the Camino de Santiago

The empanada is a very traditional dish of Galician cuisine. It is prepared in all the municipalities of Galicia, both in the coastal regions and inland.

Its exquisite flavor brings us the soul of festivities and pilgrimages. But did you also know that the history of this popular recipe is linked to the Camino de Santiago? According to some accounts, in the 12th century pilgrims on their way to Compostela knew that their goal was near when they smelled the unmistakable aroma of this Galician delicacy.

Culturally, empanadas also left their mark in Romanesque art, as in the Portico de la Gloria of the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela (work of Master Mateo).

All these sources lead us to believe that its origin is much older. It is thought that it was the Goths who brought them to the north of the Peninsula in the 7th century and decreed the rules for their elaboration.

Today the Galician empanada is recognized worldwide for its culinary richness. Its secret lies in its fillings that treasure the most typical products of our gastronomy: octopus, tuna, cod, cockles, scallops or Galician beef. Each region of Galicia has its most typical variety. There are also vegetable empanadas, fruit, ham and cheese, for vegans…

Have you ever tried them? Surely you will have the opportunity to do so during our tour. For the moment we leave you with a video explaining how to prepare them at home.

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