Galician music stars in the Fiestas del Apóstol 2017

Dorian or The Gift and Novedades Carminha are some of the Galician bands that stand out among the proposals of the program of the Fiestas del Apóstol 2017. A wide-ranging program with many cultural activities and performances by Galician artists as well as artists from other countries around the world.

The festivities will open on Friday 14 with the opening speech of the Galician singer Uxía Senlle, and will close on Monday 31. During these eighteen days of festivities the city will experience a wide variety of shows: an opera by the Real Filharmonía de Galicia with Uxía herself, a performance of the Symphony Orchestra and the Choir of the Gran Teatre del Liceu with the screening of “Il Trovatore” by Verdi.

The last week brings the best of the line-up

On the 23rd, four great groups from Santiago de Compostela are expected to perform: Cantigas e Agarimos, Brincadeira, Colexiata de Sar and Ultreia.

The night of the 24th will be magical; we will be able to admire the most impressive fireworks show in our country, the “Fuegos del Apóstol” on the facade of the Plaza del Obradoiro. We will also receive the visit of the bands The Chevelles, with their Australian power-pop, and the Portuguese The Gift, who will play on a stage located in the Plaza de la Quintana.

Katanam, Bifannah, Jay, Bala and Novedades Carminha will liven up the night of July 25, Galicia Day, in a day of festivities in which Rosa Cedrón, in a tribute to Chané, or Treixadura will also take the stage.

On the following days, the music will continue with concerts by Dorian from Barcelona or the American Macy Gray.

The Plaza del Toural, the Plaza de Feixóo or the Via Sacra will be some of the highlights of these festivities where there will be activities for children such as a “Romaría Cativa” that will take place on the 20th.

You can consult the whole program of activities for the Apostle’s Festivities by visiting this link.

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