Gastronomic events in Santiago de Compostela

Santiago de Compostela is a tourist and university city. Its name is undeniably linked to the pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela, but it offers other attractions to its visitors. One of them is its rich gastronomy, based on coastal and inland products, especially seafood, meat and fish.

Doing the Camino de Santiago with PambreTours is a good opportunity to know first hand the wide range of restaurants in Santiago, a good sample of the best of traditional Galician cuisine, but also of international cuisine (there are many Italian, Chinese, Turkish establishments, and many snack bars).

Several times a year we can enjoy in Santiago de Compostela gastronomic festivals and events that pay tribute to the goodness of our typical cuisine. We invite you to know the most important ones:

Gastronomic Compostela


It is an initiative promoted by the Tourist Office of Santiago de Compostela, in collaboration with the Xunta de Galicia, through the “Axencia de Turismo de Galicia”.

It has two important dates a year: one in spring and a special one at Christmas.

“Compostela Gastronómica” is a recreational, educational and promotional project to enjoy the different perspectives of Galician gastronomy.

Some of the activities that take place during this festival are: tastings, exhibitions, cooking workshops for children, wine tours, visits to restaurants and different places in the city (especially the Mercado de Abastos, the epicenter of good food in Compostela).

We encourage you to take a look at their program of activities.

Santiago Passion

It is an initiative of the Association of Hospitality Compostela, in collaboration with Tourism of Santiago de Compostela.

This gastronomic program involves 16 restaurants in the city coinciding with the celebration of Holy Week, processions and concerts in monumental churches.

There will be special menus with Lenten menus, raffles and other interesting activities.

Santiago is Tapas

A curious gastronomic pilgrimage through the most renowned tapas restaurants in Compostela.


This initiative aims to promote our gastronomy through tapas, these small but exquisite dishes that lovers of good Spanish cuisine fall in love with.

The public will go through several routes of bars tasting traditional and creative proposals for an attractive price. They can also vote for their favorite tapa on the special contest coasters that will be given to them with their drinks. Once covered, they must be deposited in the contest ballot boxes present in all participating restaurants and bars.

The truth is that the gastronomy of Santiago de Compostela is of cultural interest in itself. In addition to these events, there are many religious, traditional or agricultural festivals. Each of them has a specific atmosphere and meaning but all of them are accompanied by good food, music, theater or children’s activities that enrich and illuminate the celebrations and typical festivities of the city.

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