Happy 2018!

Every week we receive messages in which you tell us excited about your plans to do the Camino de Santiago. Now that 2017 ends and we look back, we can not fail to thank you for the trust that one more year you have placed in us to fulfill your dream. Many of you who once wrote an email, left a comment on the blog or made an online reservation, have already become true pilgrims. But every adventure that is to come, always begins at a starting point. There is no first step without doubts. That is why it is important to be positive and realistic at the same time, since our attitude is key to make the Camino an enriching experience.

At Pambre Tours we work every day so that your efforts are rewarded.

How do we welcome new pilgrims in 2018?

With enthusiasm

No matter how many times we have walked it, the Camino de Santiago always surprises us with new experiences, places to discover, encounters and moments that open up previously unknown perspectives in our way of understanding life.

With confidence in ourselves

Doing the Camino de Santiago involves physical and mental effort, leaving our comfort zone and our routines, becoming aware of our strength and our limitations… There is nothing better than testing ourselves to take the positive side of things and discover all that we can achieve with a dose of motivation.

With friendship and companionship

The Camino will teach you to have a collaborative attitude with other pilgrims, to help those who need it and to learn to listen to advice from others.

We know that the motivations that move us do not always coincide. Some pilgrims undertake the Camino for religious reasons, others see it as an adventure, a sporting activity or a way to rediscover themselves. Does it matter? Whether or not you share the philosophy of other pilgrims, you will discover that the Camino de Santiago creates bonds of companionship and friendship between very different people.

With hope

Hope is the leitmotiv that beats in the hearts of pilgrims. Although some stages may seem hard and others more relaxed, our spirit as pilgrims drives us to keep going, because we know that the Camino de Santiago is a vital experience that is built step by step. The arrival at the Cathedral is only one of the goals, but everything has its moment.

Is there anything more rewarding than starting 2018 fulfilling one of your dreams? Contact us and we will inform you about the type of tour that best fits your expectations and budget.

Happy New Year!

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