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The Camino del Norte, also known as the Camino de la Costa, is one of the oldest and most historical pilgrim routes. Its unique landscape is an ideal setting to make a pilgrimage more meaningful, in an authentic and intense way. The route runs from the Cantabrian coast to Santiago de Compostela, and regarding length, it is only second to the Via de La Plata.

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The North Way

Actually, the Northern, Portuguese and Silver Ways are good escapes from the French Way, which is a busy road.

Although the Camino de Santiago del Norte is challenging and difficult, it is peaceful. Its beautiful landscapes also offer a rewarding experience to Pilgrims.

Officially, the northern road starts in Irún, then stretches across the Basque Country, Cantabria, Asturias and finally to Santiago de Compostela which is in Galicia. The route runs a total of 824 kilometers. However, some other alternative starting points exist.

The Northern Way and the Primitive Way became UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2015. Moreover, these routes are in Biosphere Reserves, such as the Eo river or Terras do Miño.

The Camino del Norte offers a bit of basic infrastructure, but it is well signposted. However, this route stands out, because of its scenic beauty, and transitions from sea to mountain views.

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