Parks and gardens in Santiago de Compostela (2nd part)

We continue with our tour of the green areas of greatest tourist attraction in Compostela. If the parks of the Alameda, Santo Domingo de Bonaval and Belvís dazzled us for their monumental value and the beauty of their viewpoints, today we will talk about other equally beautiful but less known places.

4) South University Campus

Santiago de Compostela is the university city par excellence. In 1929 work began on the expansion of the number of student residences and the creation of the current South Campus, following a geometric layout.

With its 400,000 m2 of extension, the South Campus stands out for its particular botanical richness: thuja trees, camellias, magnolias, pines, cedars, junipers… that come together to form a unique landscape.

5) Galeras Park

It extends along the banks of the Sarela River almost joining with the Corgo stream. Its extension of 31,153 m2 delimits the natural environment with the city.

The flatness of the land makes it ideal for strolling, playing sports, children’s games or simply spending a pleasant time in one of its restaurants and cafes overlooking the park.

6) Vista Alegre Park

It once belonged to an important family of bankers in the city: the Simeons. Today the early 20th century colonial house is a select lodging for university academics. The estate also houses the Center for Advanced Studies of the University of Santiago and the School of Advanced Musical Studies. However, we can still contemplate some vestiges of the private garden that was: palm trees, orange trees, apple trees and centennial trees that give shade to its corners guarded by statues of another era.

7) Music Park

It is located on the banks of the Corgo stream, near the auditorium of Galicia (hence its name). In addition to its beautiful views and viewpoints, it stands out for the surrealist sculpture of the Galician artist Eugenio Granell.

We have tried to summarize in this series of articles, the qualities of some of the most touristic green areas that we can visit during our tour around Santiago. Undoubtedly, if you like outdoor walks and nature, you will find in this city many places where you can relax and have a nice time.

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