Pilgrim legends: San Ero de Armenteira

Although we are always telling historical anecdotes in the blog, it has been a long time since we narrated a legend linked to the Camino de Santiago.

Today we wanted to resume this section to tell one of the most interesting miracles of the Jacobean route: that of San Ero de Armenteira.

San Ero de Armenteira

It appears in one of the Cantigas compiled by King Alfonso X the Wise.

Ero de Armenteira was a nobleman of the 12th century. One night he had a dream in which the Virgin asked him and his wife to found a monastery since the spiritual offspring was much more important than the earthly one (the couple could not have children). This is how Don Ero turned one of his palaces into a monastery in honor of Saint Mary to dedicate himself to penance and prayer.

The cantiga tells that St. Ero constantly prayed to the Virgin to allow him to see Paradise, and she granted him this gift. While walking around the monastery, the saint was captivated by the song of a blackbird and sat down under a tree to contemplate it. When he came to from his trance, he was disoriented and could not remember the way back.

When he finally arrived at the monastery he saw it full of monks and much changed. He sought out the oldest of them, who showed him a book on the history of the temple which read: “Saint Ero of Armenteira, noble and pious man, founder and abbot of this monastery, who was never seen again after leaving to meditate on Mount Castrove”.

St. Ero realized the miracle and that he had been daydreaming for more than three hundred years. At that moment, he died at the feet of the impressed monks.

Monasterio de Armenteira

Today this Cistercian monastery is still preserved and houses a small community of nuns of the Order. Its mixture of architectural styles and its aura of legend make it a place worth visiting for any pilgrim on the Camino de Santiago.

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