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The Primitive Way was the first recorded route which still exists (hence the name “Primitivo”). It is the Camino de Santiago that runs from Oviedo to Compostela through the middle of Asturias and Galicia. Due to its beautiful landscapes, hardness, and moderate influx of pilgrims, this route has gained great prestige in the Jacobean world over the last few years.

Camino primitivo desde Lugo
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The Primitive Way of Santiago

To explore the true roots of the oldest pilgrimage route, the Primitive Way is a wonderful option.

It connects Oviedo with Santiago de Compostela, passing by the French Way in the municipality of Melide, and runs mainly along the Roman roads. The original pilgrimages’ essences have been preserved by the route.

Compared to the other Camino de Santiago, the main characteristic of this road is its difficulty. To avoid suffering and having a bad taste in your mouth, it is necessary to have a minimum standard of physical fitness.

If you’re adventurous, the route traverses’ landscapes of incredible natural beauty and a few asphalt roads.

Additionally, the historical and patrimonial resources are abundant, particularly in the two monumental cities that it traverses on its route. Along with the Northern Way, it was recognized by Unesco as a World Heritage Site in 2015.

It should be noted that the signage is literally perfect. The distribution of hostels along the route allows you to go all the way without having to do any excessive walking. The numbers of pilgrims are also just right.

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