Reasons to choose Galicia as a tourist destination

If you plan to take advantage of your vacation in the last weeks of August or September and you have not yet chosen a tourist destination, do not rule out making a hole in your agenda to visit Galicia!

Some people discard visiting Galician lands looking for warmer climates, however, all those who decide to visit this part of northern Spain, come back delighted with their trip. We will give you some reasons why it is worth living this experience. They may not be the warmest on the planet, but Galicia has wonderful beaches that sometimes seem to be taken from photos of other countries for its fine sand and wild profile. Of course, with the advantage of avoiding the third-degree burns that we can suffer on the beaches of tropical climates and enjoying some privacy (in many of them we can have the feeling of being almost alone).

Some of the most paradisiacal beaches in Galicia are: the beach of Xilloi (in the Marina Lucense), the beach of Carnota (Costa da Morte), the impressive beach of Las Catedrales in the parish of Adevesa (Lugo), the beach of Mar de Fora (Finisterre), the beach of Laxe (La Coruña) or the beach of Rodas (Cíes Islands) which was ranked in 2007 by The Guardian among the ten best in the world.

The Galician coast is really scenic… for its variety of colors and its unique geography. It is worth to know it! Although it is true that in many coastal countries it is possible to enjoy these delicacies of the sea, in few places in the world there are as many varieties of seafood as in Galicia: mussels from O Grove, barnacles from Cariño, lobster in A Guarda and oysters from Carril. To see the oldest Roman lighthouse in the world still in operation. The Tower of Hercules is located in the province of La Coruña and was built by the Romans in the second half of the 1st or early 2nd century AD.

Standing 57 meters high, this lighthouse harbors an epic legend. It is said that the Roman hero Hercules killed a giant that terrorized the city and had a tower built over its remains. Some historians also think that the land surrounding it was in pre-Roman times an important Celtic sanctuary linked to the beliefs of the afterlife.

When the tower was built, it was far from the Roman city of Brigantium that gave rise to La Coruña, but over time the distance was reduced until it disappeared and today the tower is integrated into the city itself but within a large park defined as rustic land of special protection and dedicated to green area.

The Tower of Hercules was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO on June 27, 2009. It is the only lighthouse in the world that currently has this privilege. To contemplate the most beautiful sunsets in Spain. The most magical sunsets in our country are set in the landscapes of A Costa da Morte; at Cape Fisterra (considered the “end of the world” for the Romans because they thought that the sun died in this place), on the beach of O Rostro, Lires or at Cape Touriñán. Don’t forget your camera! To see the most beautiful Cathedral in Spain: the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, center of European pilgrimages since the twelfth century (it only competed in prominence with Rome). If you are a devout person you will be moved by the presence of the tomb of St. James the Apostle. But if you are not religious you will be equally impressed by the greatness of its art and the unique mixture of architectural styles that intervened in its construction. For its gastronomy: we have five denominations of Galician wines (Monterrei, Rías Baixas, Ribeira Sacra, Ribeiro and Valdeorras), four denominations of Galician cheeses (Tetilla, O Cebreiro, Arzúa and San Simón da Costa). We also have delicious typical dishes such as the cocido de Lalín, the tortilla de Betanzos or the famous “pulpo á feira”. The gastronomic fairs and events are a unique opportunity to enjoy the best of our regional cuisine. And best of all! The character and friendliness with which the Galician people receive their visitors. For all these reasons we are sure that you will not regret visiting Galicia!

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