The best festivals of tourist interest to enjoy Galicia in winter

Although they say that it does not always rain to everyone’s liking, those of us who are passionate about Galicia, take advantage of any time of the year to enjoy it.

Its wonderful natural landscapes, its rich gastronomy and its historical heritage, make Galicia a privileged place worth discovering also in winter.

From the snowy mountains of O Cebreiro, to the beautiful gardens of the stately manor houses or the ski slopes of Cabeza de Manzaneda, we will find in Galicia exceptional places to put a “good face to bad weather”.

Its traditional festivals are one of the best claims to make a getaway this winter and visit the most beautiful villages of the Galician geography.

For example, if you like gastronomic tours, you cannot miss the famous “Feria del cocido de Lalín” (February 4, 2018).

Its origins date back to 1968 when several municipalities of the Deza region got together to prepare a strategy for the dissemination and marketing of products related to the typical gastronomy of the region.

In this festival the stew is an art of recognized prestige (it has been declared a Festival of National Tourist Interest). And, in addition to delight our palate, we can enjoy other scheduled activities such as concerts, parades of floats, parades or exhibitions.

Another popular festivity in our culture is the Entroido or Carnaval (from February 29 to March 1). It has peculiarities that are very different depending on the different rural places of Galicia. The “entroidos” of greater tourist interest are the ones celebrated in Xinzo de Limia, Laza or Verín (all three in the Orense province); although the ones in Vila de Cruces and Silleda, in Pontevedra, or the ones in Chantada, in Lugo, are quite well known too.

If you visit Galicia during the Entroido season, be sure to enjoy the typical dishes of these dates as the “lacón con grelos” and, for dessert, the delicious “orejas de carnaval” and the “filloas” filled with cream or chocolate.

And as we say goodbye to winter, in the first week of March, we recommend a visit to the town of Baiona in Pontevedra to attend the popular Fiesta de la Arribada.

It commemorates the arrival of the Pinta caravel to the port of Baiona with the news of the discovery of America on March 1, 1493.

To celebrate this historic event, the old town is transformed to recreate the atmosphere of a 15th century village. Musicians, minstrels and jugglers roam the streets during these days offering a wide variety of street performances. In the Royal Medieval Market, food and craft stalls are set up like those that existed at the time. Sometimes we can also see falconry tournaments, archery, theatrical performances, etc.

In addition, the “arrival” of the crew of La Pinta and the story of the discovery to the commander of the town is staged.

Since 2015 the Fiesta de la Arribada is listed as a Festival of National Tourist Interest and welcomes each year about 30,000 visitors.

Did you already know any of these festivities? Our recommendation is that you visit Galicia at any time of the year and let yourself be surprised by the cultural richness and traditions of each region.

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