The newspaper “El Progreso” interviews Pambre Tours to talk about its new initiative: the Camino por Poderes

As a result of the restrictions on flying to Spain that are still in force in several Latin American countries, many people have had to postpone their plans to walk the Camino de Santiago so far this year. This is an exceptional situation that we have never experienced before, but is it possible to make our requests of faith reach the Apostle even when we are unable to travel?

The newspaper “El Progreso” of Lugo interviews Luis Manuel Fernández, founding partner of Pambre Tours, who explains a new way of fulfilling this symbolic act of faith as it is to pay our respects to the Apostle, ask for his blessing and other types of prayers: the Camino por Poderes.

The idea arose from the initiative of a group of Mexican students who would start the Camino de Santiago on July 2. Luis Manuel explains that the students had financed part of the trip by selling bracelets. Together with the money for the bracelets, they were also collecting intentions, which were the petitions that all these buyers made to the Apostle and that the students would be in charge of presenting upon their arrival in Compostela.

Once the trip was cancelled due to the restrictions of the pandemic, the collection was destined to social works but the petitions will reach their destination because Luis Manuel Fernandez himself promised to present them to the Apostle and then deliver them to the sacristy of the Cathedral.

What do you think of this initiative? There is no doubt that doing the Camino de Santiago in person is a unique and enriching experience, but while it is not possible due to the closing of borders between our countries, pilgrims will continue to be united by the illusion, faith and solidarity that characterizes them. With this fact we have realized that many people, especially in Latin America where most of our customers come from, can not currently do the Camino and many others who for other reasons (economic, health, age, etc.) will never be able to do it and would like to. Given this circumstance we have decided in that twice a year (April or October) we will do “El Camino por Poderes” on behalf of all those people who ask us who would like to do it and can not. In the next few days we will include in our WEB: a template where you can include your intentions and prayers for the Apostle Santiago that we will compile and present before his tomb in the Cathedral of Santiago.

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