The Xunta de Galicia launches the Integral Rehabilitation Area Program (ARI) of the Camino de Santiago

Endowed with 3.2 million euros, this project will benefit nearly 500 parishes in 100 municipalities and will run until at least 2020.

The ARI Program of the Pilgrims’ Roads to Santiago is included in the Rehavita Plan for rehabilitation, rental and improvement of access to housing. Rural areas will benefit the most from this initiative, with a contribution of 2.7 million euros dedicated to the rehabilitation of housing located along the Pilgrims’ Route to Santiago de Compostela. Another part of the budget is earmarked for dissemination campaigns, informative talks aimed at potential beneficiaries, technical advice and coordination of the administrations involved.


But this is not the end of the news related to the cultural rehabilitation projects of the Camino. The Xunta de Galicia is currently working on its Master Plan for Monte del Gozo, which has an initial investment of 1.2 million euros to revitalize this natural park and turn it into a European benchmark.

The Plan consists of several phases of intervention: the surroundings of the arrival to the Monte and the Chapel of San Marcos, the amphitheater, the English Park and the shaded areas.

Some of the planned improvements consist of planting new plant species, widening the accesses and signage or restoring the street furniture. The last phase will focus on the area of the auditorium and the swimming pools.

The aim is that pilgrims and other users will be able to enjoy new meeting and rest areas, shaded areas with fruit trees, picnic areas, water tanks, etc. Monte del Gozo, with its 57 hectares, is a natural park with enormous tourist potential that receives a large number of visitors every day. We think this is a fantastic measure to give this place back the attention it deserves and make it, if possible, an even more symbolic and welcoming place!

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