Tips for pilgrims: how to choose your hiking backpack?

You’ve more or less decided: you’re going to walk the Camino de Santiago. And, before starting the adventure, you start preparing the necessary equipment: sportswear, trekking poles and a good hiking backpack.

Many first-time pilgrims do not give great importance to the choice of their backpacks and opt for the cheapest model.

Although price is a factor to take into account, there are other details to consider when buying a hiking backpack. Don’t overlook the following aspects:

  • Comfortable and lightweight: its weight, empty, should not exceed 2kg. It is always recommended not to hike carrying more than 10% of your own body weight. Therefore, the weight of your own backpack should be taken into account, and you should carry only what is essential to avoid unnecessary loads. Generally, in spring and summer the load will be less than in the winter months. It will also depend, of course, on the number of days of our route.
  • Pay attention to the manufacturing details: your backpack should be made of resistant materials. The seams must be strong and offer good support on the shoulders and hips, the length of the backpack must correspond to the length of our torso so that all contact points and fastening straps are at the right height. This prevents the backpack from swaying and losing stability when walking. An incorrectly positioned backpack or one that does not correspond to our height can cause the sensation of “extra weight”. Some manufacturers offer models of designs specifically designed for women. They have shorter torso dimensions so they are easier to adjust and fit to the body. Another requirement that a good hiking backpack must meet is to be sufficiently rigid. Almost all models designed for this purpose have metal rods inside so that it does not crumple under the weight of the luggage and pull on the straps, causing back pain and discomfort when walking.
  • Separate compartments: it is usually quite comfortable and practical to have several outer compartments where to place small objects. This way we will not have to be doing and undoing the luggage every time we need to take something.
  • Waterproof cover: it is essential to protect your backpack on rainy days. A very important detail to take into account especially if we do the Camino in the winter months.

Once you have decided to undertake the Camino de Santiago, you have the illusion and the necessary equipment, you just have to get going! We remind you that if you pilgrimage with Pambre Tours the transfer of luggage between stages will not be a problem because it is one of the services we include in all our tours.

Living the Camino de Santiago can be an exciting experience, especially when we plan each stage well and surround ourselves with the best company. Contact us and we will advise you on the type of tour that best suits your expectations.

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