Tips for pilgrims: What is the best time to do the Camino de Santiago?

Have you decided to do the Camino de Santiago and you are looking for the most suitable date? If you do not have too many gaps in your schedule or if you feel the need to take on this challenge at a certain time of your life, we advise you to encourage you to do it because most of the time we are the ones who set our own limits.

Logically, we want to get an idea of what our tour will be like, and one of the most frequently asked questions is what will the weather be like during our journey?

Due to the climate change that has been unleashed in recent years, it is very difficult to venture to give a definitive answer on this matter. We could say that Galicia has an oceanic climate with strong variations and multiple microclimates. Even so, towards the interior (which is where we will cross on our tour) we have an almost continental oceanic climate. This means that the winds are not as strong as in the coastal areas where a maritime climate is appreciated.

According to some experts, the best times of the year to do the Camino de Santiago are spring and autumn (i.e. the end of April, May, June and September) as the weather is milder in these months. Another important reason is that in the summer months the large influx of pilgrims makes it more difficult to find available hostels.

However, as we told you at the time, one of the advantages of opting for a guided tour to do the Camino de Santiago, is that we will get rid of the worry of booking on our own the accommodations and pensions where we will sleep, places to have lunch and dinner, etc.. All this can be a bit uncomfortable, especially if we do not know the place or if unforeseen events arise. In Pambretours we look for accommodation in magnificent manor houses or hotels. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are also included. So, the overcrowding of pilgrims in the summer months could only be an obstacle for those who do the route on their own but not so much for those who plan it through an agency.

And what about the winter months? It is also feasible to undertake the Camino de Santiago at this time of year. However, the weather conditions force us to carry heavier equipment than in spring or summer. All this results in greater effort and fatigue. The help of a guide and a support vehicle to carry our backpacks and belongings is very much appreciated in these situations.

Think that willpower is important, but there is nothing that encourages us more when it comes to continue than knowing that at any time we will have help. Our job is to make the Camino easier for you!

On the “Our tours” page you will find information about available dates. Remember that we can also organize a private tour if your schedule does not fit any of these dates.

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