Tips for pilgrims: what is the right way to carry our hiking backpack?

If your dream is to hike the Camino de Santiago and you have never practiced trekking, you should familiarize yourself with some trekking utensils to undertake trips or long walks.

The backpack is an indispensable transport tool for any hiker. However, we do not always carry it correctly and its misuse can cause exhaustion and lower back injuries.

In today’s article we will give you some practical advice on how to choose your backpack and carry it properly. Remember, however, that if you do your Camino de Santiago tour with Pambretours, we will take care of the transport of heavy backpacks and you will not have to carry more than the essentials and, of course, be eager to complete your goal.

Some recommendations for carrying our hiking backpack are:

* Do not overload it: carrying more than 10 kg. of weight can cause fatigue and slow down our walk, especially if we are going to walk many kilometers.

* Distribute the weight: you should place the heaviest items in the central part of the backpack and the lighter ones on the sides. This distribution favors stability when walking.

* Place objects according to their usefulness: the most essential items (cell phone, water bottle…) should be placed at the top of the backpack or in the outside pockets.

* Choose your backpack wisely: to be comfortable to wear, the backpack must be adapted to the morphology of each person. Each person has different measurements and it is recommended to adjust the height by tightening the shoulder straps and belt.

It is advisable to buy a backpack with an anatomical design so that the spine receives the weight evenly. Many modern backpacks have lumbar belts to keep it fastened to the back, thus avoiding oscillations that would unbalance us. This belt should be padded on the inside and somewhat stiffer on the outside to provide some resistance.

In the case of women, there are models of backpacks that take into account the female anatomy in their manufacture: shorter in the back and wider at the hips to better distribute the weight.

* Correct position of the backpack: when we place our backpack, the weight should be evenly distributed between hips and shoulders. We must try to make sure that it is completely close to the back by adjusting the shoulder straps and straps to fit the contours of our body. Of course, without tightening it too much to favor the ventilation of the whole. It is also important that the back protector is made of a fabric that does not absorb or retain sweat.

Remember that a good hiking backpack is an investment that can last for many years.

We hope you have found these tips useful, especially if you do the Camino de Santiago on your own in our Free mode. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our tours, we are here to make your Camino easier!

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