North Road from Irun (Independent)


Price: 3.000€
A pié Solo con o sin guía
820 Km.
38 Días

PRICE: Per person in double or triple room, from 3.000€
Single room supplement: 1,150€

Pambre Tours Camino del Norte “Independent”

With a thousand years of history, The Camino de Santiago is the most important pilgrimage route in Europe. The footprints of the walkers have transformed this spiritual journey to the tomb of the Apóstol into an extraordinary experience, full of unique experiences that unite those who travel through it with special ties. Participate with PAMBRETOURS on our programmed route fully adapted to your needs so you can fully enjoy the Camino de Santiago. There are many reasons to do the Camino; religious feelings, personal improvement or a different vacation. Whatever yours, traveling with us you will discover the most authentic culture, gastronomy and people who will welcome you on your Camino to the heart of Galicia, Santiago de Compostela.

Pilgrims from France who did not follow the Pyrenean route entered Spain Through Irún or disembarked from northern Europe in port such as Bermeo and Bilbao, and traveled along the coast to Asturias and from there, they headed towards Lugo to join other pilgrims in Arzúa, who where traveling “The French Way”. Its also said that this was the route preferred by European monarchs during the Middle Ages in their efforts to reach Santiago. This Camino del Norte path was the most used to the Apóstol tomb for security reasons.

It should not be forgotten that at that time the península was largely under Muslim control. As the Reconquista gained ground, The French way became the most used route. However, the boom experienced by “The Camino de Santiago” in recent times has made this route regain much of the importance and splendor it once had.

Tour includes

Itinerary Day by Day

Arrive to Irún on your own. In your accommodation you will find all the necessary documentation to make your Way to Santiago.

Day: 1

Arrival to Irún on your own. Receive all the necessary documentation.

Day: 2

Irún – San Sebastián 24,8 Km.

Day: 3

San Sebastián – Zarautz 22,2 Km.

Day: 4

Zarautz – Deba 21,8 Km.

Day: 5

Deba – Markina 24 Km.

Day: 6

Markina – Guernika 24,6 Km.

Day: 7

Guernika – Lezama 20,8 Km.

Day: 8

Lezama – Bilbao 10,8 Km.

Day: 9

Bilbao – Portugalete. Official Route. 19,4 Km.

Day: 9 (bis)

Bilbao – Portugalete. By the river. 12,4 Km.

Day: 10

Portugalete – Castro Urdiales 27,6 Km.

Day: 11

Castro Urdiales – Laredo 26,6 Km.

Day: 12

Laredo – Güemes 29 Km.

Day: 13

Güemes – Santander 11,8 Km.

Day: 14

Santander – Santillana del Mar 37,1 Km.

Day: 15

Santillana del Mar – Comillas 22,1 Km.

Day: 16

Comillas – Colombres 29 Km.

Day: 17

Colombres – Llanes 23,2 Km.

Day: 18

Llanes – Ribadesella 31,4 Km.

Day: 19

Ribadesella – Colunga 20,1 Km.

Day: 20

Colunga – Villaviciosa 17,2 Km.

Day: 21

Villaviciosa – Gijón 29,8 Km.

Day: 22

Gijón – Avilés 25,4 Km.

Day: 23

Avilés – Muros de Nalón 23,2 Km.

Day: 24

Muros de Nalón – Soto de Luiña 15,3 Km.

Day: 25

Soto de Luiña – Cadavedo 18,5 Km.

Day: 26

Cadavedo – Luarca 15,3 Km.

Day: 27

Luarca – La Caridad 30,5 Km.

Day: 28

La Caridad – Ribadeo 21,3 Km.

Day: 29

Ribadeo – Gondán 20,9 Km.

Day: 30

Gondán – Mondoñedo 15,6 Km.

Day: 31

Mondoñedo – Abadín 16,6 Km.

Day: 32

Abadín – Villalba 20,8 Km.

Day: 33

Villalba – Baamonde 18,5 Km.

Day: 34

Baamonde – Sobrado dos Monxes 32 Km.

Day: 35

Sobrado dos Monxes – Arzúa 22 Km.

Day: 36

Arzúa – Pedrouzo 19,3 Km.

Day: 37

Pedrouzo – Santiago de Compostela 19,4 Km.

It can be requested. Extension of the route to FINISTERRE and/or MUXIA. additional nights in Santiago de Compostela and take day trips to Finisterre (Costa da Morte) and/or Rias Baixas.

Camino del Norte Desde IRUN (Independiente)

Our tours include

All our tours always include…

Information dossier of the Camino
Roadside assistance in case of emergency
Travel insurance (basic)

Type of accommodation

Average accommodations

The accommodation in Hostels or Pensions */** has double, triple or quadruple rooms, always with private bathroom. They are cozy rooms, ideal for sleeping and resting. *In the case of an individual reservation there would be a supplement.

Superior accommodations

In this third option, we will stay in hotels and/or lodgings of superior quality**/****. They will be double or triple rooms according to your choice. This is a modality of a higher quality than the hostels, to enjoy a plus in terms of rest and relaxation after finishing each stage. *In the case of an individual reservation there will be a supplement.

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