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A new way to do the Camino de Santiago

We are specialists in the Camino de Santiago

The Camino de Santiago can be done with options from any travel agency. It is possible that a travel agent locates accommodations, transfers, etc. with the best of intentions, but lacks the knowledge of the real alternatives available.

Pambretours.com, we are an official travel agency (XG-662) established in Lugo (Galicia- Spain) that we dedicate exclusively to the attention and marketing of trips and/or pilgrimages in THE CAMINO DE SANTIAGO. Our company is one of the few that is highly specialized in the Camino and is located in Galicia, a central point for pilgrims arriving on all Camino routes to Santiago de Compostela.

You can have confidence in our knowledge of every tour, so you can expect nothing but the best.

Every accommodation, restaurant, monument, or place of interest on the Camino de Santiago is a controlled adventure guaranteed to meet your expectations.

Finding the tour that is most appropriate for your physical characteristics and/or needs doesn’t require you to be a great sportsman or able to travel great distances. From children as young as 3 years old to adults as old as 86, we have had pilgrims, including one pregnant woman (Judith) who completed the 100km walk on foot as required by the Cathedral office to receive La Compostela.

Camino O Cebreiro - Santiago 155 Km: "Guiado"
Pambre Tours, Camino Francés

What options do we have for you to do the Camino de Santiago?

We offer multiple choices for completing the Camino de Santiago, and we differentiate them by the services we provide. You can access them at https://pambretours.com/en/tours/

We categorize them as follows:

  • Economic organized tour (Without guide).
  • Economic organized tour (Guided).
  • Tour organized with vehicle support and guided, with lots of services.
  • VIP tour. Using the best services and accommodations.
  • Private tours. With the possibility of hiring only the services required by your group. Special for families, friends, companies, schools etc.

These paths can be hired to be made by walking, biking, or horseback.

And if you have no interest in doing the Camino de Santiago but if you want to have an idea of how it is and perceive the essence of this experience, we can make you tours by car to know the most emblematic points of the Camino.

The prospect of acquiring the Compostela.

All travelers when they make their trips around the world keep memories of them, but the pilgrims of the Camino de Santiago treasure something very special, «la Compostela», an official certification that is delivered in Santiago de Compostela.

To obtain this certification it is necessary to have done (for religious reasons) part of the Camino de Santiago on foot, by bicycle or on horseback and credit it on arrival, you must do at least 100 km on foot or on horseback and 200 by bicycle.

The accreditation of the Camino traveled is carried out with the Pilgrim’s Credential, in which stamps or signatures are placed in parishes, shelters or people representative of the villages where the pilgrimage takes place. In the absence of this credential, you can rely on a road diary that contains the signatures and seals of each stage of the Camino

The Camino de Santiago's Agency

Pambre Tours can help you organize your trip to the Camino de Santiago

Leave everything you need on your Camino a Santiago in our hands: the best accommodations and restaurants, the most emblematic monuments and the most spectacular landscapes.

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