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What to expect with Pambretours.com

Tour Operator and Travel Agency

Pambretours.com is a Tour operator and Travel Agency of the Camino de Santiago (License nº XG662). We are global standing with respect to the organization of the Camino de Santiago.

Our licenses from Wholesale Tour operator and Retail Travel Agency allow us to work without intermediaries. Booking your trip with us eliminates the need to deal with intermediaries.

We are dedicated to our specialty: Camino de Santiago tours. As we stated in our presentation, we are a tour operator with an official license XG662 that specializes in the Camino de Santiago. Since we are based in Lugo (Galicia) in the same km 100 of the Camino de Santiago Primitivo and 27 km from Sarria, 25 from Portomarín and 35 from Palas de Rey (French Way), we are able to immediately respond to all issues concerning the Camino de Santiago in Galicia.

We have several options for you to choose to do the Camino de Santiago: It can be one of any of the Caminos de Santiago, even if they are not included in our tour catalog. The distinction is based on whether they are guided (accompanied) or self-guided (independent without a guide).

Pambre Tours


On our guided tours of the Camino de Santiago, you will see that we are ahead of other travel agencies. Our Tours are always guided or accompanied by one of the partners of our travel agency. This makes it possible to give an immediate response to any circumstance or need that is presented by individuals; with careful attention.

Independent or self-guided

We dedicate our Travel Agency exclusively to the Camino de Santiago which gives us a very wide knowledge of it. Moreover, we have a direct knowledge of any of any accommodation or service provided we select. Our goal is to give you the best service and/or accommodation available at the time of booking. We suggest that you make reservations as soon as possible to guarantee the availability of the best accommodation.

We accompany you from the start
Transfer to the starting point
Transport of backpacks
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Our goal? To create experiences that will always remain in the memory of every pilgrim…

The Camino de Santiago's Agency

Pambre Tours can help you organize your trip to the Camino de Santiago

Leave everything you need on your Camino a Santiago in our hands: the best accommodations and restaurants, the most emblematic monuments and the most spectacular landscapes.

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